VR Porn and interactive sex toys are the new trend of the porn industry

The world is enthusiastically watching game producers to further develop various VR goggles. They offer almost unlimited possibilities for game programmers. And not only for the game industry but also, the new virtual reality is interesting for the porn industry.

Now, VR Porn Companies can use VR headsets to offer their customers an interactive 3D porn in which they no longer look from the outside on what happens in front of them but rather, by head movements they can actively influence the events. In a sense, the audience is so even for actors who can respond to the situation prior to and participate with own actions to it. In such lifelike VR porn viewers is to experience able moments of which, he can only dream of in real life.

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To film VR porn, you can not use the conventional camera technology. Thus, the three-dimensional experience is reproduced as possible, must be based on a specific technology be used. Some large producers for adult film have already taken the next step and offer their customers innovative VR porn. Among the currently most influential VR Porn Studios include VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealGay, Badoink VR and Naughty America. In addition, manufacturers of sex toys working flat out to develop toys that use the new virtual reality perfectly. Among the most famous representatives of this industry include Lovense and KIIROO.

VirtualRealPorn offers a wide range of VR-Porn

The most well-known portal that already provides an extensive range of VR porn available, is VirtualRealPorn. In particular, the selection of 3D porn with a field view of 180 degrees is already a very large video at this supplier.

Some films already allow the user even a 360-degree field of view so that it can rotate once on its axis.VirtualRealPorn lets their customer view not only as a spectator but also, offer him the opportunity to actively look around by turning his head in the scene.

Those who want to benefit from interactive movies, it requires a VR glasses that must be compatible with the portal. This works best use of VirtualRealPorn with the Oculus Rift, because it provides a support for the Virtual RealPlayer.

In addition, the films, for example, with Dodocase, Durovis Dive and Homido can be watched. In addition, a subscription must be completed: a month costs $ 19, while three-month $ 11 will be billed monthly. At best, the annual subscription for only 8.43 US dollar per month.

Badoink VR has VR interactive porn for everyone at a fair price

badoink vr

As world-renowned supplier of films long even with Badoink until the vendor released a portal for VR porn. So far, there are already numerous produced adult films with 180- or 360-degree field of view. The choice will soon have to be significantly increased.

The models are generally hotter than VirtualRealPorn, Badoink has some great porn stars under contract and delivers weekly a new movie, so that the subscription is really worth.

Supported VR glasses are, for example, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. Depending on your rate you pay at Badoink VR 29.95 US dollars for the fare with a maturity of one month or 59,95 US dollars for the three-month subscription.

It is also possible to take out a year membership for a price of 99.95 US dollars.

VirtualRealGay provides interactive and 3D VR Gay porn available

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For fans of gay porn, offering VirtualRealGay is the right choice but is yet a little limited. Currently, there are only a few films available which only have a field of view of 120 degrees. However, operators have promised its users to expand the selection of the films as soon as possible and will soon offer even first 360 degree VR movies.

For viewing, either one can be used; the Google Cardboard, the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR. Alternatively, there is an iPhone app with which the VR-porn can be watched. In VirtualRealGay no subscription is concluded. Instead, you pay for each movie you want to watch. Prices depend inter alia on the length of porn and for the desired content.

VR toys makes VR films even more real!

Interactive Toys of the future come from Lovense and KIIROO

Not only does the producer of the porn industry got their big chance, but also, the manufacturer of sex toys. Although Teledildonik in principle is nothing new, this area also achieved by the virtual reality an entirely new dimension.

Lovense Max & Nora


So Lovense developed as a new type of toys, which is aimed primarily at couples in a long distance relationship. The Toy gives both parties a chance to have sex, even if they live several hundreds of kilometers apart. For the two sex toys are synchronized with each other so that they respond to the movements of the partner and send the corresponding pulses to the respective other sex toy.

The toys here react to each other in near real time, so that actions and reactions are carried out without noticeable delay. The VR of toy Lovense is also suitable for singles, because the provider is cooperating with VirtualRealPorn:

Many offered there VR Porno Movies are encoded so that the actions of the performers are transmitted via Bluetooth directly to the toys and so provide for intense stimulation.

Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl


Very similar products also offers KIIROO. The Dutch company finally is justifiably considered a pioneer of Teledildonik. For men, there are the “Onyx” toys, while for women, the toy “Pearl” was developed.

These toys can be used both by couples as well as singles because some of the offered videos on VirtualRealPorn VR porn is also compatible with sex toys of KIIROO.

Is VR porn a Game Changer?

Anyone who has ever experienced a VR Pornomovie know that this technology will completely change not only the porn Market – the Virtual Reality technology will fundamentally change many other areas, how we interact with each other and how we share experiences.

Not for nothing, Facebook has bought the startup Oculus Rift for $ 2 billion two years ago – because the plans of Facebook are to shift a social interactions and experiences in virtual reality. In five years, we will probably spend a part of our lives in virtual reality, arrange to meet there with friends, play together, to chat or work – and our sex life is certainly varied by this breakthrough technology a lot.

Who has not tried VR porn, this can easily do: It extends a current smartphone and a convenient Google Cardboard VR goggles – which has been around for less than 20 euros.

If your friends are reasonably easy, it is also fun to get them through their first VR porn experience for example at a party to be amazed. The time is now to get into VR until AR Porn is more mainstream.

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